Collection: THE ANGEL OF HOPE.

At Embroideep, our first collection is a tribute to the rich history and culture of Puebla. Inspired by the beauty of the angels that adorn the walls of the city's cathedral, we have created an Oversize garment that carries with it a message of hope. With a majestic angel on the back and the words "The Hope" above it, this collection is more than fashion; It is a symbol of change and resistance.

Each garment tells a story of bravery and determination. The phrase that accompanies the angel reflects our commitment: "Only those who resist remain, the crazy ones who are willing to make a change. Hope will keep you safe or take you to the brink of death, the only thing certain is that it will be the beginning of a change." We believe in the capacity for transformation that resides in each of us.

Our brand is guided by the motto "Live your art, transform your world," and this collection embodies that philosophy. Join us on this journey towards change and expression through fashion. Embroideep invites you to be part of a community that values ​​hope and action.

What are you waiting for to have yours?