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COLLECTION: "The Angel of Hope"


At Embroideep, our first collection is a tribute to the rich history... 

Sé parte de nuestra comunidad - CREW EMBDEEP -

Adquiriendo una de nuestras prendas formas parte de nuestra familia. 🥷🏻🖤-




"Live your art, transform your world."


About us?

At Embroidep , we are more than a clothing brand; We are an expression of art, party, culture and passion for fashion .
Our story begins in December 2020, but with a focus from August 2023.

Our Inspiration: From the vibrant streets of Puebla, Mexico, to global influences, our inspiration comes from the richness of culture, art and diversity that surrounds us. Every garment we create carries with it a piece of this unique inspiration.

Art in Every Stitch:
Our name is inspired by the combination of 2 words: Embroi, Deep.
- " Embroi " which is a shortening of the word " embroidery ", a term in English that refers to the technique of decorating a fabric or similar material.
Embroidery is considered art , and has been practiced in many cultures around the world throughout history and has evolved into a wide range of styles and techniques.

-" Deep " is an adjective in English that means " deep " in Spanish. It can refer to the distance from the surface to the lowest part or to the depth level in general. " Deep " is also used in a figurative sense to indicate something intense, complex, or involving a significant level of detail or understanding.

Connection and Community: We believe in unity as a driving force. We value our community of customers and followers as a fundamental part of "Embroideep". Together, we create a space where fashion meets culture and party.

Your Support Counts: Every purchase at "Embroideep" supports our commitment to quality, creativity and sustainability. Your support allows us to continue creating unique and meaningful garments.

Thank you for being part of our story and for choosing " Embroideep " to be part of yours!

If you have more questions or want to know more about us , do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

Shipping Times?

We have 2 types of shipping available:

Standard Shipping: Delivery time of 7 to 15 business days.
National Express Shipping: Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days.

How do Presales work?

At Embroideep , we value our customers and want to offer them exclusive opportunities to purchase our clothing before its official launch. Our pre-sales are an exciting way to get unique products before anyone else. Here we explain how they work:

1. Pre-Sale Announcement: When we have a pre-sale scheduled, we will announce it on our website and on our social networks. We will provide you with details about the products available for pre-sale, including images, descriptions and special prices.

2. Pre-sale Dates: We will clearly indicate the start and end dates of the pre-sale. During this period, customers can pre-order the products they want.

4. Manufacturing and Shipping: Once the pre-sale ends, we will begin the production of the garments according to the number of orders placed. Manufacturing time may vary depending on the product, but we will provide you with a clear estimate.

5. Shipping and Delivery: Once the garments are ready, we will send them to the address you provided during purchase. We will provide you with a tracking number so you can track your order until it reaches you.

6. Constant Communication: We will maintain constant communication with you throughout the entire pre-sale process. We will update you on the status of your order and answer any questions you may have.

7. Exclusive Experience: By participating in an Embroideep pre-sale, you will be among the first to get our newest products. exclusive and with a personalized shopping experience with gifts. It's an exciting opportunity to be part of our unique fashion community!

If you have more questions about how our pre-sales work or would like information about a specific pre-sale, please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide you with the best shopping experience possible.

When will the pre-sale order I purchased be shipped?

  • All our orders purchased during pre -sale time will be shipped from December 1st
  • We will contact all customers to provide you with constant information about your order until it reaches your hands.